Keynote Speaker & High Performance Life

and Business Strategist


Keynote Speaker & High Performance Life and Business Strategist

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Meet Brandon "B" Burns


Brandon "B" Burns

Keynote Speaker and High Performance

Life & Business Strategist

Brandon Burns is an international keynote speaker, elite athlete, viral influencer with over 50 million views on social media, 2x B1G Ten Championship-Winning Coach; serial entrepreneur; and right-hand man to the world’s #1 motivational speaker - Dr. Eric Thomas.

After experiencing various mental health battles, financial lack, and family trauma during his childhood, Brandon was able to overcome his victim mindset to succeed in school and walk-on to the men’s gymnastics team at the University of Michigan. However - his athletic dreams came to a screeching halt after being cut from the team 4 times in 5 years. After years of perseverance & self-discovery, Brandon’s journey eventually allowed him to go from “cut to coach” - becoming one of the industry’s top speakers and strategic performance coaches. Today, Brandon works with athletes, entrepreneurs, and students to help them reach their full potential & systematically overcome their limitations using his unique blend of inspiring storytelling mixed with strategic, principle-based frameworks.

As a lifelong coach, Brandon is obsessed with helping others reach their maximum potential. He believes that every human being owes it to themselves (and to mankind!) to achieve their peak performance in every area of human endeavor: physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially. He believes that “good enough” is NEVER good enough, and is dedicated to assisting like-minded teams and individuals optimize their performance!

Eric Thomas Certified

Speaker & Coach

Former Division 1 Athlete & 2x Championship Coach

Viral Influencer With Over 50,000,000 Views

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Brandon Burns is an international keynote speaker specializing in motivation, performance-optimization, and leadership development. He believes that excellence is an obligation, and has helped audiences around the world achieve peak performance. His unique blend of emotional storytelling and memorable, actionable frameworks has made him one of the most sought after speakers for universities, sports teams, and corporations.


As the co-founder of One Simple Suite, Brandon is dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs streamline & scale! Save THOUSANDS by bringing all of your software needs into one simple platform - Funnels & websites, courses, email marketing, SMS + virtual call center, forms & surveys, communities, and more!


Brandon's mission statement sums up his innate drive to coach: "My mission is to become the version of me that God had in mind when He created me, and to use what I learn in the process to help others do the same." Brandon believes that we all have a responsibility to realize our FULL potential - mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially.

Nothing changes if nothing changes - learn more about getting coached by Brandon today!

Hear What Others Have to Say!

"What separates Brandon from other speakers or coaches is that he presents everything in a very understandable, relevant and practical manner. His speeches & training programs are excellent resources that create clear roadmaps for anyone looking to immediately improve their execution."

Mickey Smith Jr.

Grammy Award Winner & Sound180 Founder

"Brandon's speaking & coaching was a big part of what helped me achieve my dream of becoming an Olympian. He worked with me to literally map out the entire process of qualifying for the Games. He helped me learn how to take advantage of opportunities every single day. He made it seem like all I had to do was follow the system, and I would make it... and I did!"

Uche Eke

2021 Tokyo Olympian

"Brandon consulted with us long-term and served as someone I could genuinely trust for accountability, tactical advice, and ideation. He gave me what I needed to create a massive shift in my company's culture, taking us to $3,000,000+ in revenue in less than a year. His systematic approach ensures you never miss any details, and his real life experience and expertise allowed us to solve problems before they happened rather than reacting after the fact."

Jeremy Broughman

CEO, Pink Gorilla Roofing & Solar

"Over the last three years, Brandon’s presentations have helped (and continues to help) me reach a variety of goals that I am not confident I’d have attained on my own. Everything from entrepreneurial goal-setting, planning, and execution; to physical transformation and the acquiring of technical skills I never dreamed possible, Brandon provided what was undoubtedly the key that unlocked these successes."

Tom Knight

Emmy Award Winning Multi-Platinum Artist

"Brandon's passion is evident in his preparation, delivery, and content that hit our team in numerous unique ways. Brandon is able to make things very personable and relatable in a way that it feels he is only speaking to you. The final message he gave our team before competing at our national championship still gives me chills!"

- Ben Schreiber

Head Coach, Ohio State University Cheer Team

"Despite the unexpected absence of our keynote speaker, Brandon stepped in at the last moment and delivered a powerful and impactful presentation. His message resonated deeply with the audience, and we received numerous positive feedback from attendees in the days following the conference. Brandon's ability to seamlessly adapt and excel under pressure was truly remarkable and played a critical role in the success of our event. I'm honored to have shared our conference with such a passionate speaker and to now call him a friend."

- Ian Inman

Founder: Operation Life & Rise Global Conference

Keynote speaking:



"Succeeding In School & Beyond"

This session focuses on helping students realize the magnitude of the opportunity that education has granted them, and offers practical advice on how to get the most from their school experience. Students will walk away with a deep understanding of their core values, how to network effectively, and how to maintain a commitment to their own development as student leaders. Additionally, Brandon gives the step by step blueprint for post-grad success by outlining how students can start NOW to set themselves up for post-grad success!



"Performance Under Pressure"

Brandon challenges athletes of all levels to redefine their individual standards of excellence. He believes in bringing teams closer together by cultivating a culture of extreme ownership, while simultaneously teaching practical mental performance frameworks to increase confidence, trust, and mental toughness. Brandon leverages his extensive background in psychology & coaching to truly unify teams and increase performance under pressure!



"Micro-Leadership: The Hidden Secret To Success"

This session helps organizations harness the hidden power of micro-leadership - a little known phenomenon present in each and every decision made by the individuals that comprise an organization. These seemingly small acts, if unintentional and left to chance, add up to create toxic cultural norms, bad habits, and subpar results. Achieving peak performance is about achieving total buy in to a shared vision, committing to excellence in the small things, and taking ownership for communicating effectively. This presentation aims to create lasting change by developing the most valuable resource any organization has: its people.

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